Why you should not compare yourself to others.

There is nothing stopping you from getting what you deserve than the questions you keep asking your mids on where to start from, why those doing such a particular activity of your aim are not progressing any further. Comparing yourself to others is very dangerous to both the purpose of  your life and what you are trying to persue. In this article however, we are going to discuss why you should not compare yourself to others and focus on your own needs/goals you want to achieve.

Let’s start with steps that will help you push your life infront;

  • find what your passionate is?
  • devote time on it.
  • interact with people of your minds/vision
  • think of yourself not others.

As we’ve already said, comparing yourself to others is as stagnant as anything you know  but feel free to concentrate on these key points.

Find what your passionate is.

The first thing you can do to get a head of where you want to go is to first collect what you want to be, forexample during childhood, we dream being very many things in hte future , however when we grow , that’s when we realise that becoming what you you want to be is not as simple as we dream about it. After you’ve collected all things that you think you’re passionate of, find your niche or what you can do best , for example if you have interest in music, and you find you can write, then concentrate on music but if you can’t even try to be that aim, better to shift.

Devote time on it

If you don’t devote time much time on what you are passionate of , that will be a husk or trying to feed on your fables. Once you realize what you can do best , devote much time on it . Many projects are not completed because project owners/managers ask themselves many questions like “will it be successful?” There is nothing which is done in this world without trying, hope i’m right on that?

Intercat with people of your interest or goals.

Assuming you’re too passionate about writing books, freelancing or blogging or you aim to write the most succesful article , is there a need to ignore those insuch fields? the answer is no need, Engaging with people of your goals will not onle help you gain skills but also will help you analyze mistakes, risks they undertakesuch that you learn how to avoid them and this will make you being better than them.

Think of yourself not others

You are the manager and judge of your life and your goals , though selfishness is a disease that kills you alone, but here you have your goals set ,think of yourself not others, may be there’s a fellow you know who were with the same goals as yours but didnot go through, just knw we are different and our opportunities differ.

With those remarks above, let’s rekindle and open our minds like a parachute and learn why you should not compare yourself to others.

  • If you compare yourself to others , you’ll always get negative results reason being, think of life as doing examination in high  school when we’re attemptimg different questions, is there any need to copy from each other no matter how many chances are given so do not compare yourself to others be your own
  • Comparing yourself to others declines your goals. Because you think you are like those who succeded long time ago even that goal came into your mind. As long as you start comparing yourself to others, will always disturb your mind with questions that will lead you to quite your goals.
  • We’ve different foundations. You are a celebrity or any famous person in your particular field , when you compare yourself to others , remeber the foundations are different. it means your foundation is soon to be misconfigured because you want to be another foundation


comparing yourself to othersmay be very dangerous  to your life and limit you from:

  • persuing your goals.
  • building a strong foundation.
  • appreciating what you are.
  • discovering what you can do best.
  • devoting time on something

Feel free to share your ideas about it in the comment section provided below , it will be a measure to succes and help us improve in our topics.

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