We have several companies that promise to deliver the best live chat software for websites and if you can’t carefully analyze, you end up signing up for their services and you get what you didn’t expect for example , any good company should have instant support of 24/7 and that’s why i recommend jivochat.com. Most of you are wondering what’s jivochat? To make it clear, jivochat is the leading live chat software providers to business owners around the world  that runs majorly online, they have instant support., knowledgeable base and here are the reasons why you should chose jivo chat:

  • They have instant support. Who doesn’t want support?, i think every one needs so and support is a key that show how much you care about your customers. These guys have that spirit, they respond to you within one minute which is not the case with other live chat providers.
  • They are cheap: Depending on your budget, you can use jivochat software on your website for a year at affordable price as low as $10 for professional version for unlimited chats, customizable chat in 20 languages,24/7 customer support,Complete visitor info with social profiles and many others. they even give 14 day free trial. Doesn’t it sound cool?
  • They have a free version and you can upgrade any time. Many companies give free version for example my live chat but the difference with jivochat is that there free version include Unlimited chats and websites ,customizable chat widget in 20 languages,chat widget mobile version,Offline contact form,SSL encryption,Mobile SDK to integrate chat in your iPhone or Android app,Agent-to-agent chat,pointer tool to direct visitors throughout the site,simultaneous login on PC and mobile device and many more feature.
  • They operate globally; They don’t just work in one country, they operate in more than 100 countries which means they are trusted internationally.
  • They have flexible payment method with sms verification after payment approval. They accept credit card/master card paypal. Once your payment is approved, your live chat will be set in just five minutes and best of all they can be intergrated with several site for example, blogging sites, online stores, tutorial sites and many more benefits.

Don’t hesitate to try them with their services because they are cheap, affordable and the leading in that field . You can signup using their website www.jivochat.com and enjoy their amazing offers. Don’t wait because time waits for no human being. If you want to increase your sales, conversions and site traffic and customer reviews, jivochat is your best friend.

Please take a note, we do review products based on research and here we don’t recommend something of less value to the consumers but if you are not contented, it is better you start with the free trial plan to get more skills and help you make the right decision, however with jivochat, 100% there is no need to worry about their services that is why they give free trial of 14 days such that you trust them and give free version if your site is very small and you can’t afford pro version, better signup for their free version and upgrade as your site develops

Time waits for no human being SIGN UP NOW AND ENJOY FREE THEIR SERVICES

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