What are the 8 foods you need to boost your immune system?

The benefits of health life can never be over emphasized. Hope you know the benefits of a health life? We have carefully selected eight foods that will help you boost your immune system. Read through for a better understanding of how you can care for your immune system . the immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by external invaders. It defends the human body against disease causing micro-organisms.

Here are the foods that will boost your immune system:

  1. fruits and vegetables  fruits and vegetables contain vitamins which are more essential to boost body immune system. they have vitamins A, C, and E which are vitally useful in building immunity , vitamins increase the production of white blood cells which fight infections to keep a health body , eat lots of citrus fruit like grapes, oranges , tangerines ( has vitamin A) which is useful in bone growth and eat along side vegetables.
  2. Yorghut

yorghut has nutrients that can boost the immune system . contains probiotic which are bacteria that help boost the immune system . probiotic are beneficial bacteria that live in yorghut and help stimulate your immune system.

3. Garlic

garlic has compounds that may reduce the risk of infection in the body. garlic seem to come from a heavy concentration of  sulphur containing compounds such as allicin , a compound that can help fight infection and bacteria

4. iron rich food

iron help the body to carry oxygen to the cells. a deficiency may occur if your intake is too low to replace the amount you lose every time. lack of enough iron can cause anaemia and symptoms like fatique . eat foods like legumes and shell fish or spinach

5. zinc rich foods

zinc is found in oyster , crab , poultry , baked beans and yorghut . helps  to regulate  the immune system and digestive system , also helps with reduction of stress levels and in healing wounds.

6. sweet potatoes they are good source of  vitamin A which plays a vital role in bone growth , reproduction and immune system health, apart from sweet potatoes, vitamin A can be be obtained from carrots, dark green leafy vegetables , squash, lettuce, fish and organ meat which are rich in beta carotene


they improve production of white blood cells making them more aggressive , they also improve nutrition and immune system function .the beta glucan fibre found in the cell walls of mushrooms stimulate the immune systemmussroom

8. fluids

fluids in the body are vital factors for attaining health living , it’s important to stay hydrated to prevent constipation and help regulate body temperature,

Note; avoid sweet beverages like sports drinks and juice , as too much sugar in your body can cause inflammation and further weaken the immune system

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