Have you just bought a new smartphone and wondering what to do next with it? Here we got you covered, there are several apps coming up every minute both on free cost and premium but these are among the apps that you mus have on your smartphone:

  1. Wifi finder

  This app helps you to find wireless connection using in built GPS in your phone and gives you a direction to get there. It can go over 65000 locations in 144 countries, it will help you with some works, surfing the web.

Platform ; iphone, ipad and andriod

Cost; free


2. Soundhound

  Do you want to listen to great songs and you want to know what it is?? This app will help you to track down your track

Platform ; Iphone , ipad and andriod

Cost; free


3. Lose it

  This app will take your age, gender, current weight and target weight, it will also track the calories you lose during daily routine including exercises and workouts

Platform; iphone, ipad and andriod

Cost; free


4 Google translate

 Translate words and phrases in more than 60 languages and in many cases , you can just speak your phrase and have the translation spoken and back to you.


5. Web Md

 If your family member are not well , you can research the symptoms and find out about possible causes , conditions and treatments ,

Platform; iphone, andriod and ipad

Cost; free


6. Cut the rope

 Smartphone need a few games and this is one of the best for both adult and kids. Cut the rope is a fun challenge that combines both physics, puzzle and goofy visuals.

Platform; iphone, ipad and andriod.

Cost; $0.99 ipone and andriod and $1.99 andriod

7. Kindle

  If you want to access one million books in the amazon e-books library , the kindle app has virtually all the features you are used to on ereader , including variable texts, sizes and a one click dictionary look up

Platform; iphone, ipad and andriod

Cost; free

8. Epicurius.

This is one of the earliest but still one of the best of the many cooking apps that are available . Epicurious come up with suggestions and how to incorporate them into a great meal and gives you feedback from other cooks,

9. Around me.

Around me is the quickest and simplest way to find out information about your sorroundings using your smartphone built in GPS  technology , You can be directed to the nearest bank, hotel, movie theatre , super market or anything else

10. Google sky map.

you can search the sky and locate a favorite planet or celestial objects. You can even use the time track feature to check out features or historical skyscapes like Appolo ii moon landing

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