signs that he only wants to sleep with you

it takes long time for ladies to understand whether they are beautiful or attractive , in fact these tow things differ, you may be attractive according to the way you look , the way you wear or due to body shape but when you are not beautiful and you may be beautiful when you are not attractive, inn this blog you will be able to understand whether he just wants to sleep with you or means a real deal in relationship.

  • gives a lot

research shows that when some one’s need of something , giving a lot matters and also when he gives you a lot in the beginning, indicates his missions towards you and he’s likely intend to to use you just.

  • promises a lot 

every one makes promises and in relationship, it’s worthy .if he just want to use you, he promises you a lot in turn to win your heart but the fact is  most of his promises never comes true.

  • he’s so careful 

you should be careful in everything you do but when a man in the beginning of your relationship learns to be careful over you, he’s not doing that to win you but likely to use you.

  • responds easily 

he has a mission to fulfill  with you, why doesn’t he fake love in the start?? he will make sure covers your response on time just to have control over you

  • do bad touches 

believe in me people who truly loves  each other respects a lot and are loyal to partner’s body parts but when he just wants to use you, he will do bad touches just to stimulate you up and leave you.

  • wants to stay over 

he takes much time  with you especially at night such that he stay over but when a guy is serious, he will give you much time to stay a lone until you study and accept him.

  • brings seductive topics 

romance’s needed in every relationship but not too much romance’s  a solution. men are wise because he knows when he brings dirty talks, you can’t escape therefore he always try to bring seductive topics to draw your minds.

  • never introduce you to friends and family.

because you are his reasons to fulfill, so he cannot introduce you you to friends and family instead he wants you to stay with him all the time.

  • buys expensive things 

men are ever reading magazines, articles like this about what ladies want , if his intention is to use you, he will buy you expensive things straight from the beginning that will blow your minds and make you give in early,

  • money is not his problem

if you want to buy something in the market , you have to make sure that you get what it requires , therefore if he want to use you , money is not his problem

note; a good relationship should at least stay for 6 months before allowing each other in romance feelings if it happen before that period, it was lust not love

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