seven ways you are breaking your wife’s heart without saying a word.

As a man and as a husband , it’s your duty to protect your wife’s heart , not to break it . don’t hurt your wife in these silent ways:

  1. you check out other ladies.

women are more patient than men. in most cases, she may notice you doing wrong things and keeps silence hoping you’ll change. trust me you cannot stand seeing the ones you love loving others. if you check out with other ladies, you are breaking the heart of your wife.

2. you only talk about yourself.

in everything you plan to do or to achieve, nothing like her name’s mentioned. ladies are more sensitive and small things you do for them can draw her minds onto you. if you only talk about yourself, believe me you’re breaking her heart silently.

3, you don’t do small things you used to do.

do you remember how you started love with her? the names you used to call each other or the gifts and moments you shared together in the start? if you stop doing those small things indicates a woman that you were just tricking her . you just wanted to win her heart and emotions. do those small things you used to do for her. spend more time with your friends than with her.

ladies need much time with their men , they fear and hate being a lone but if you are ever spending your time with your friends, you are breaking her heart therefore give her much time especially when she needs you more to be there for her .

5, you rather look at your smartphone than at her.

“may be she didn’t love me?”his smartphone is more important than me”that’s her statements in minds, whenever you concentrate on on your smartphone the time she needs you more. hope you understand what i mean? give her much time than how you give to your smartphone.

6. you don’t desire her any more.

if you think she lost value, then ask yourself who destructed all her nutrients, who made her lose the desires you were looking for in her? the answer is you are the one , when you don’t desire her any more, you create many temptations in her , either to try else where or find any other person who will see her purpose. don’t see that she’s suffering,

note that ladies feel shy to ask for everything from men but as a a man , it’s you role to see if she’s suffering and you do the need full. please always make your woman happy and make her feel the intimacy of her love and your emotions

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