6 Romance Novels To Read – A Heart Touching Book List

When it comes to relaxing with a good book, we choose romance novels time and time again. Perhaps it’s because whether the characters are rich, poor, time travelers, high school sweethearts, or fighting to be together, the stories celebrate love, something we all long for. These well-crafted novels to read with the expectation of romance […]


Marriage and Separation Advice: ‘Don’t Give up Before the Miracle’

Have you ever heard the quote, “Don’t give up before the miracle”? Well marriage is the same thing. Don’t give up on your marriage before it starts. Work on it. Separation is a topic that married couples talk about and even demonstrate. Some perception is that separation is just the prerequisite for divorce, which it […]


What are the 5 Things You Can Begin Doing Tomorrow to Save Your Marriage and Make It Strong??

The famous idiom goes “it takes two to tango,” and in fact, much of the success of a marriage or any relationship is based on what each party brings to the table. However, there are countless times when couples feel like their marriage is on shaky grounds and there is nothing they can do because […]