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life of the youths today


as a youths, it’s our concern to talk about how the youths live today , by doing so, we are mesmerizing the lives of other youths , in this article today, many research have been done and we are going to talk about the youths and how they live today. Don’t feel bored at the beginning because this is  a rich source with many facts you didn’t know before. however without going much in details, we have outlined our table of content in categories as below:

  • who is a youth?
  • roles of the youths
  • what’s youths life?
  • what’s the biggest problem facing youths today?
  • why is the youths important today?
  • what are the qualities of a good youth?


now that you are familiar with our table of content, let us not waste time by taking long distances, let’s dig in details,

1.who’s a youths?

a youth is any person between the age of 15 and 35 years of old regardless of the gender, They are the backbone of any society or nation and it’s estimated  that youth a lone make 1.8 billions of the world’s population and these are just the young people between 10- 24 years , in percentage , youth make up 18% of the global population. (UN report 2018)

2.roles of the youths.

the roles played by the youth  are vital to every society however, there are small percentage of youths neither play any role but for our case , the role of the youth’s ; they simply refresh, renew and maintain . As a youth, you have to renew and refresh the current status of our nation including leadership , innovation , skills and many others.

3. what’s a youth life?

youth life is the time when one is and often means the time between child hood and adulthood 

4. what’s the biggest problem facing youths today?

This is the major area of concern as a youth, every one has problems but when it comes to youths, they have the biggest problems regardless of the responsibilities however, let’s talk about the major problem facing youth today being unemployment,

Unemployment is one of the basic problem and is ever on the rise. it’s estimated that 12.9% of the 18% of the youths are unemployed worldwide which means the small difference are the ones with with satisfactory employments. Reason being that , according to the NSS survey, youths unemployment among illiterate is less compared to the educated youths because illiterate youth are willing to do all sorts of work.

whereas educated ones look for jobs in their respective fields only. young graduates suffer the most as far as getting job is concerned which have forced very many youths to committee crimes (crime rate is high in youths compared to other ages and many violence in them)

5.why’s the youths important?

though the biggest population of the youths are unemployed , it should be a call to action between the government and youths themselves , government should create jobs for the youths, train them skills and render them financial support and allowing them into leadership because the youths can easily understand the lives of their fellow youths, whereas youths can also save themselves by joining youths clubs, associations to equip them with basic skills and should not undermine jobs due to levels of literacy. however, youths have a big role to play in the society and because they are  young, full of energy and educated with rationality as their ultimate belief , they are important in:

  • Reproduction; this is not to recommend high population but obviously the population has to grow such that sharing of knowledge is steadfast. youths reproduce and make the population to grow .
  • protection; they are expected to protect their culture and traditions, society or their nation plus the resources in their countries of residence.

growth.; the growth of any country in spheres like social, economic and political depends on youths, their fresh energy can perform better and ensure the growth of society.

6.what are the qualities of a good youth?

A good youth should have either one or all of the following qualities;

  • authentic;  a good youth should be authentic , true and stand in his/her personality regardless of their status.
  • Brave; should be brave to face any challenge and respond towards,
  • decisive; be able to make good decisions
  • engaging; should engage in every activity say social, economical or political
  • humble; should be humble to GOD  and to the whole society,
  • goal oriented; should be able to make goals that are realistic, measurable and many others


Quote; “where you start is not as important as where you finish”Zig Ziglar

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I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me
Bahati Walker Icons
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me

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