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Life, love and success. How are they important?

In life, we experience very many challenges and sometimes we are forced to quite what we can do best because of depressions we face day to day but it should not lead us back or drive us back .A normal person should always focus on moving forward in order to obtain and achieve his or her happiness. Today in this article, wanted to discuss with you about life, love and success and how they are related.

To have love means having good life and good life leads to success in all means.

What’s love and life?

Love can’t be defined with just one definition because love gives us very many definitions depending ion how we are in and how it moves on well between  a couple however we can define love as the affection, intimacy and feelings one obtain with some one of the opposite sex that leads to a relationship and life is our daily living pattern and how we obtain happiness. In order to have a beautiful life, one should have love also because they are important and complementary to each other.

Why is love important in our daily life?

Love is very vital in our daily living because it’s the only way that can soften the rough hearts of people and on good thoughts, love makes us to think about  things that are vitally of purpose. i will refer you an example , When we fall in love with people who we truly love, we are adherent to change with no force applied to us but because we want to make our love life a stunning event to be celebrated. Having said all that, let’s see some of the importance of love in our daily life living.

  • Love is a subject that can change the world without destruct ions. Have seen or watched very many movies of catastrophic events but when the heroine or protagonist is set to  do a drastic thing, love memories stops him from doing such and as a result means love can calm people and live a harmonized life.
  • It’s only through love that we can enter heaven because if you don’t have love, it’s an obvious case that you are likely to miss heaven because God’s love. Reason behind is we are meant to love each other such that we are all counted to those who will enter heaven.
  • Love is very essential because it washes away our selfishness from our heart, When we are in love, we learn to give out, help others with out expecting something from them. By doing so , we are creating a non-repulsive balance in terms of sharing resources and others.
  • love’s the only thing that  causes unlimited success in our life. Because you have love in your heart, you are determined to work hard and have a prospering life together with your partner, Love makes you blind and take you to the world of helping others but you can’t help when you have nothing at hand. this means working hard and harder to obtain all the golden heart that you want to have or obtain.


How does love lead to success??

Love lead to success in the following ways but before showing them, i wanted to make it clear that not every love leads to success but how you built the status of your love relationship matter a lot.

Love can lead to success only when it is true, and comes from the heart not the mouth and if that is the kind of love you are in currently now, grab your seat and read my views  carefully.

  • When you are in love, you become determined. Because you have someone you want to care about all the time out of passionate, this will give you determinations to work hard for your life and as a result, you are likely to reach success on your feet. People who are not in love sometimes they are not much determined. They have no one to care about from their heart so they see no reason why they should become so determined and on focus, most successful people that the world points out are in love.
  • You are too careful. Being in a relationship teaches us very many things that we can’t just grab from school for example when love develops, we biologically learn to be careful. In doing so, it teaches the brain how to be careful in everything you do that’s to say if you are working together with your partner, you are forced to be so careful, you learn insights , you learn how to behave in public and your lead role in your niche. This brings about success in the way that out of being careful , you are doing something right that yields success from your particular role but isn’t from love??
  • Connects us to GOD. some people lost trust in GOD because they have prayed so well but nothing gained as a result they evade GOD but once they fall in love with the righteous ones, they learn to be like them, they learn to worship. It’s through GOD that we can obtain wisdom that leads to success in our daily life.
  • Makes people more smart and health. When we are in love, we learn to be smart and health, we want to look nice to our partners and the whole society. being so we are targeting success , we are being noticed by the community and huge people around us. We become friendly to them and they contribute ideas to us that help us generate success.

The importance of love are very many and we can’t discuss all of them and we complete but it is a good idea to find someone one worthy of you that some one who will be there for you all the time , who will guide you and pass through challenges that may encounter in your relationship.

How can you help your relationship work out  best?

We have no bad people in this world but they only lack guidance and some motivations. Once you are in a relationship but you think it’s not working out, moving out is not a solution but instead learn to change your relation stands, talk to your partner and see the way forward but you should be careful about your approach and how you present your views to catch high attentions. you can help your relationship work out best by the following tips:

  • keep a deaf ear, Don’t be such a person who jumps off with every word your hear from inside or our side your relationship.
  • Let your room solve your problems. don’t expose your problems to the whole community because they are going to laugh at you instead, once you have misunderstandings, use your room to solve the case before including in other parties.
  • Try to avoid making research. Yes we want to know the person we are giving out out life to, but much research is dangerous to your relationship .
  • Love the present not the past life, Don’t consider past events because they happened before you and people changes all the time so if you are an object who looks at the past, your relationship won’t work out.
  • Understand each other. Try hard as much as possible to understand each other and his/her ‘pros and con’ as this will help you to stay away from them and will harmonize your relationship/

Lastly trust each other, trusting may be so difficult but learn how to trust your partner such that things move on well.

Love and relationship is every broad subject but as a community devoted to share life experiences to our reader, we are going to update this post every month so endeavor to check on the updates or sign up below to receive our news updates

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freelancer at Bahati Media Group
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me editor@bahatimedia.com
Bahati Walker Icons
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me editor@bahatimedia.com

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  2. Wow.,! That’s a very great article and so precise. “relationship can’t work out best if you don’t trust each other” you have stated it clearly and i like your suggestions

  3. Very true nothing has killed relationships like misunderstandings and not trusting each other. One should accept the other full to make a lasting relationship and becoming successful together

    1. very true brother
      Thanks for following us online please we appreciate your being online and we wish you a happy christmas and prosperious new year
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      1. that’s very true sister
        Thanks for following us online please we appreciate your being online and we wish you a happy christmas and prosperious new year
        you can continue browsing our topics

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  5. Thanks Bahati for that beautiful article, continue guiding people and helping them learn life experiences because most people just lack guidance as you stated but once they discover this site, you’ll be helping millions of people’s life out there.

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