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How to Reconnect Emotionally with Your Partner.

Reconnecting emotionally with your spouse or partner is a lifelong effort, simply because emotions come and go.  As we grow in our relationship, we have the need to have different experiences and different conversations to reflect this growth.  Many people start to look outside their relationship for these things.  But that is not the case necessarily. It takes a little effort and a little time to rekindle the fire. The more the effort receives positive feedback from your partner, reconnecting emotionally gets easier and easier.  Here are ten rules of thumb that work in reconnecting emotionally with your partner, or spouse.


If you have broken your partner’s trust, it may take time to rebuild the emotional intimacy in your relationship. Don’t rush it. If you are sincere, apologize and wait for your partner or spouse to come around.


Tell the truth. Let’s keep it real. It is easy to reconnect when people are in love but if honesty is not there, it’s easier to disconnect the second time and you can get to a point of no return.   It is worth it to be honest so issues can get resolved. If this is a problem, seek professional counseling.


Laugh a little. Be fun to be around. When there is humor in a relationship, conflicts are easier to resolve because humor releases tension and stress.  Humor provides an atmosphere to discuss serious issues.  The times you least feel like laughing are the times when you most likely need to.


You don’t have to solve all your partner’s, just inspire them to dig a little deeper within themselves to see all the alternatives to their situation.  This technique is preferred to complaining about what’s wrong, talk about what’s possible.

Love Sincerely

Do you really love your partner? It all starts here. Before reconnecting to the emotional intimacy in your relationship, first decide if this is something your heart is into. If it is not, why not?

Listen Please!

It is a general consensus that we hear 75% of what is said. It can be less than that if we are preoccupied all the time with cell phones, games, computers etc.  Give your undivided attention when your spouse or partner is talking.  Look your spouse in the face to show sincerity. If you have a phone in your hand make sure your spouse see you turn it off so that you can give your undivided attention deliberately. This is a big step towards re-establishing emotional intimacy in your relationship and marriage.

Peace and Happiness

Our relationship atmosphere must have a consistency of peace and happiness. There is no room for constant arguing and bickering. Relationships must be supportive and encouraging, thereby creating a safe haven from the darts of enemies and haters. Reconnecting with emotional intimacy in the relationship makes a strong case of me and you against the world.

Quality time

Quality time does not mean you have to talk. Especially if something that was said broke the emotional connection in the first place. Too much talking can break emotional intimacy in a relationship.  Snuggle up and watch a movie, listen to your favorite songs, take a drive, get a hotel room away from home or go to a concert. Quality time should lead to intimate encounters if you are reconnecting.   Spending quality time together creates memories for a lifetime.  Save talking for intimate times at home not during fun time.


You may not agree with your partner’s goals and dreams but try to understand why they have them and support them. They may not be good at it, regardless of that, you must support and motivate them.

Watch your tone

If you talk to each other with contempt in your voices, you will lose the relationship and eventually the marriage.  Therefore watch it. If you need anger a management class, find one and enroll.

In conclusion, reconnecting emotionally with your partner will create a forever relationship. No one said it would be easy just worth it.

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freelancer at Bahati Media Group
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me
Bahati Walker Icons
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me

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