How to really turn on her red- foreplay done right?

whether it is relationship just or first date in marriage , foreplay is a key to sexy night. it is the best way to get a woman hot and it is essential to make things hot  and interesting , however every woman is different and what works for one may not work for another, here are some foreplay guides that are so universal and work all the time,

  1. it start with a kiss

all women love greater kissers , along passionate kiss can go on for good couple of minutes, start slowly kissing her check, and around the edges of her lips , push your fingers through her hair and slightly pull her towards you , don’t forget to kiss her lips with short kisses  and a closed mouth , after ten seconds, you’ll feel wetness of each other’s lips

2. next up, check

communication is not about speaking only, pull her back slowly and catch her eyes, give a small smile that shows how you are enjoying it , pull her close again , and kiss her check then move down to the neck the neck is more sensitive and sensual areas on woman with her clothes

if you are not already naked , it’s time to start getting that way , first, if this is a first time hook up, make sure she is okay  with going further even if she has not said anything.

4. work down your way

from her breast, kiss down along her ribs on the side of her body , be gentle enough to make her body tingle but firm enough , slide a a hand down her thigh  but save the best part for later, tell her how sexy she’s , don’t ignore her waist, this is the area just up and in from where her lip bone protrudes , alaa….! , her inner thigh is the same soft and sensual way you’ve to kiss

5. keep things interesting

no matter how sex can become monotonous, after long enough, be sure to change things up to now and then.

remember making love’s beautiful , amazing thing, foreplay not only make it so much better and turns her like crazy , it makes the experience last longer as well.

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