common mistakes in relationships

  • talking about your ex
  • over suspecting
  • lying
  • taking him/her for granted
  • letting your family and friends get too involved in your relationship
  • assuming you know what your partner want at a given time
  • avoid money talks
  • greed for sex.

whether it’s a friendship or love relationship, it will not be happy, no matter how your significant other or your friend tries, your partner has some bad habits . many couples don’t admit their mistakes and they keep fighting each other until one of the partner wins the game.

if you’re trying to save your relationship, or just make it a bit  happier, here are the common mistakes you should avoid in a relationship:

  • talking about your ex

well it’s some times good to talk to remember the good moments you  had in old faded relationship with your ex but when it comes to a new relationship, most partners make mistakes of talking about their ex’s all the time , how good and perfect they were . jealous is real when you start talking about your ex bad or good things, loosens your relationship because it tells your partner the kind of person you are and how you’ll also tell the others in case she/he becomes your ex

  • over suspecting

jealous is natural, believe me every one has an opposite sex friend that a community believes they are in love relationship so don’t be kind of a partner who over suspect things because it will create pain in your heart , you will develop the heart of cheating. always be patience , analyze things well and if you find it’s true do not over react , talk to your partner in a humble romantic way, if she/he truly loves you, obviously it will be resolved.

  • lying

“some people lie because they do not want to lose” Bahati walker. especially partners lie their past and present status because they are afraid of losing but remember we’ve no store that keeps truth for long time , always tell true things to your partner , tell him your financial status, health and others as it creates trustworthy and strengthen your bond rather than telling lies. though some times lies create much love but it’s a waste of time , avoid telling lies to your partner.

  • taking him/her for granted

we fall in love with different aims, may be others want to understand what love is. chop and leave. most relationships fade because of not caring about each other especially when a relationship has lasted for a long period of time, couples start taking each other for granted, stop doing things they did in the beginning  and this’s most common in ladies.

  • letting your family and friends get too involved in your relationship.

friends and families are there to help  you during times of difficult but once you get a partner, means becoming united, allow friends and relatives to advise you but not to decide for you. we have different attitudes towards each but most couples allow friends and family to decide and get too much involved in their relationship.sincerely this means you trust them more than you trust your partner. becoming a partner is not all about engagement rings but but also means standing together as one.  then where it fails, engage in friends and relatives whom your partner trusts not the ones you trust alone.

  • assuming you know your partner’s needs or wants at a given time.

common mistakes that happen to relationships has been there for years is it? partners intend they know much what others needs or wants because of the long period of time they have stayed together but it’s not what she/he wants at that particular time. give your partner a chance to talk about his or her needs, ask him/her what she wants.this will make your relationship happy.

  • avoiding money talk

relationships fade because partners do not want to support each other in times of financial problems. love’s not all about money and that is not what true partners look for in  a relationship but there some cares that need money, some problems arise in a relationship when they can only be solved by money and there is no true love with out some money because even simple gifts need money but avoid being extravagant and never show off how much you have. give because you want to not to show how much you have and caring you’re!

greed for sex 

sex is sweet but not a must. most couples especially men love sex more than their partner but this  creates worries because nothing pains a woman like being used and left. give each other time to think about that  and if your partner does not want please listen to him or her.

note being a happy couple does not  mean you have to be happy all the time with each other. having health and successful relationship means you are going to make mistakes and that is okay . happy couples are happy because they recognize that relationships are not perfect so they never stop putting in effort to nurture and make it happen!

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Bahati Walker Icons
freelancer at Bahati Media Group
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me editor@bahatimedia.com
Bahati Walker Icons
I'm a blogger, freelancer and a skeptical writer. If i'm not writing posts, i'm doing other things like watching movies, writing and reviewing books, enjoying music and movies. Hire me to write for you by emailing me editor@bahatimedia.com

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  1. Thanks for inspiring us with a piece of beautiful article. Has helped me to stay in a health relationship and i have maintained it since i landed on this website. Everyday i check on it for the latest updates and hope am amöng your first readers from Nigeria.
    thanks a lot!
    may GOD Bless you a lot

  2. This’s the site which i ever visit to read beautiful articles that takes my thinking and make me understand what a relationship should be, teaches life experiences and just say that thank you for your topic and partners of this platform that has taught us many things using a comprehensive approach.

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