Beach Style: 5 Clothing Essentials for a Tropical Honeymoon.

Finally, it’s your honeymoon! After spending a lot of time for your pre-wedding plans and the actual wedding day, you and your spouse are now heading to the most fun and relaxing stage of your married life. But before basking in the sun and swimming in the clear blue waters of your honeymoon destination, there is one additional task you need to accomplish, which is packing.

For sure, your honeymoon days will include island hopping, walking along the beach, dining in island-themed restaurants, and perhaps going out dancing. Thus, it is only essential that you dress appropriately for every occasion.

For you to ensure that you bring and wear the right clothing to make your honeymoon memorable and meaningful, I have put together these five clothing essentials for a tropical honeymoon.

Beachwear for the win

Honeymoon activities not only include bathing in the sun in a two-piece swimsuit. Perhaps, you also want to drop some sweat by playing beach volleyball, riding an ATV, or having fun on a zip line? Hence, wearing some lightweight shorts, tank tops, and sports bras are excellent choices to keep you comfortable while not worrying about exposing yourself during an intense volleyball game. Also, don’t forget the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Mix and match swimsuits

What’s an essential piece of clothing to bring when you are at the beach or poolside other than swimsuits?

Try packing two or more swimsuits depending on how many days you will spend on your honeymoon. In this way, you can alternate them, and you will allow some time to dry your other suits. Most women take a two-piece and a one-piece suit, wearing the former during the day and the latter during the nighttime dip in the spa.

If you have a penchant for bikinis, try mix-matching two styles and colors for you to have different looks every time you stroll the beach or swim in the waters.

Don’t forget the cover-ups

Even if you want to get that adorable sun-kissed glow, excessive exposure to the sun is not a good thing. Also, you don’t want to flaunt your body in just a bathing suit while dining in a restaurant. Hence, beach cover-ups are necessary to protect yourself from the sun and the ogling eyes of diners.

For example, you can wear tunic beach cover-up over your bathing suit while you are walking in common areas like bars and lobbies. A tunic is a garment that ends just above the knee and is cotton- or silk-made which makes it comfortable to wear. You can also match your tunic beach cover-up with a funky fedora or straw hat to have an ultimate protection from the sun.

Color your honeymoon with sundresses

Sundresses are very suitable for a kind of tropical getaway with your new spouse. You can match it with sandals and accessories such as a pearl necklace or bracelet, then top it off with an elegant straw hat to complete your tropical look.  

End the day with lingerie

The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what you are wearing (or not wearing) when you retire to the room with your spouse. But just to pepper the night with something hot and naughty, try wearing something sexy such as laced and gartered lingerie for starters.

Silk or satin robe is also a comfortable choice to go with the finale. Choose a robe with a removable sash, and let your imagination work on how to use it.


As I have said, your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event you spend with your loved one. Hence, it is only important that you dress your part for the occasion. In this way, when you will look at your pictures in the future, there will be contentment and satisfaction.  

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