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Why you should not compare yourself to others.

There is nothing stopping you from getting what you deserve than the questions you keep asking your mids on where to start from, why those doing such a particular activity of your aim are not progressing any further. Comparing yourself to others is very dangerous to both the purpose of  your life and what you […]

health tips

What are the 8 foods you need to boost your immune system?

The benefits of health life can never be over emphasized. Hope you know the benefits of a health life? We have carefully selected eight foods that will help you boost your immune system. Read through for a better understanding of how you can care for your immune system . the immune system is a network […]


seven ways you are breaking your wife’s heart without saying a word.

As a man and as a husband , it’s your duty to protect your wife’s heart , not to break it . don’t hurt your wife in these silent ways: you check out other ladies. women are more patient than men. in most cases, she may notice you doing wrong things and keeps silence hoping […]


common mistakes in relationships

talking about your ex over suspecting lying taking him/her for granted letting your family and friends get too involved in your relationship assuming you know what your partner want at a given time avoid money talks greed for sex. whether it’s a friendship or love relationship, it will not be happy, no matter how your […]