How Can You Increase the Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage?

When we are feeling a great deal of emotion we tend to believe that it is easier to hide this emotion by repressing our feelings. We act stoic or uninterested in an attempt to not show the seething resentment we are feeling. The problem with this strategy is that your partner is feeling this. Emotional […]


7 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Reasons Why People Get Divorced Most people who get married do not ever want to get divorced. They go into their marriage with the highest of hopes for a long happy life together. However, marriages are like gardens. You must tend to them regularly or else “weeds” can grow. If these weeds are left unattended […]


5 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart and How to Save It – Or Leave It

Recognize the early signs of relationship demise and determine whether to fix it – or leave it We have all seen it. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and watched a couple not speak a word to one another? They stay married for the sake of being married and robotically go through […]


What are the 5 Things You Can Begin Doing Tomorrow to Save Your Marriage and Make It Strong??

The famous idiom goes “it takes two to tango,” and in fact, much of the success of a marriage or any relationship is based on what each party brings to the table. However, there are countless times when couples feel like their marriage is on shaky grounds and there is nothing they can do because […]


What are the Importance of Sex for a Happy Marriage

Kelli HSocial Worker   if you like what you read! Is sex necessary in marriage? Is sex important in marriage? These age-old quandaries are still controversial. In my attempt to answer it, I will break it down into its fundamental parts, asking this: In what ways does sexual intimacy contribute to marriage? While each person probably […]

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Things You Must Consider Before Tying the Knot

It’s so sad, but true, over 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. The statistics haven’t change for years, and it’s so strange that we have, as a nation, not changed our approach to marriage over these years either. Below are the four most important key tips to help you […]



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