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Are you able to volunteer with us and you have skills in WordPress?? We are here together with a supporting hand. We strive to deliver news from every part of the country or World but we’re unable to fulfill it.
That doesn’t mean we should give up, no , we understand that you have news from your area but you don’t have an idea to share it with the world that is why we are volunteering with you to make sure we can have a better way of sharing news across the globe.
How is it possible?
If you want to volunteer with us, make sure you comply with our terms. If you have good blogging skills, then you can share portfolio with the world. To volunteer with us please WhatsApp on +256705845138 to set up your author account.
How will you benefit?
You are not doing it for benefit but for the heart you have and the spirit of sharing with one another. However, every week we award the best volunteer who posts news that fetches a lot of views and we train you how to be a good content creator you never know it can help you some where in the future.
Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us to make sharing easier.

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