About us

Bahati Media Group is a multimedia news company/media website designed with spirit of Africans to help them access and read news on time online on free cost.

With over 100k daily readers of our new, we are thrilled to give you the best services you need in time without prohibitions. we are trusted by youths around the globe who loves to read articles about their favorite celebrity, streaming quality motivational and inspirational videos.

We are founded by Bahati Walker and Namukose Deborah who devoted their time during their high school to develop a platform that has gone so viral around the globe.

We are very happy that we have emerged and developed with our one year servicing in Uganda

Bahati Media Group is a single member company owned by Bahati Walker and volunteers like Namukose Deborah who have devoted much time and effort to bring you the best experience that you might want all the time.

We started with a very small number of people but due to our smooth services, we have developed and emerged in more than seven countries who reads our daily news online