Meet Achola Rachael a Ugandan model

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My name is Achola Racheal. A Ugandan by nationality. I am a model at Cavalli modelling agency and yet to begin campus. I hope to pursue a bachelor’s in pharmacy or medicine. Now many people ask me how I will balance the two but modelling is something I am passionate about so I will be able to manage. I am a talented writer too and hope to come up with a book in future. I do commercial, runway and fitness modelling

In my free time I love traveling and am able to come up with articles on my personal experiences with the places I have been to. I love swimming, watching series and hanging out with friends.
I am flexible and very deligent too.

Interviewer (Francis): “So, why do you wish to become a model?”

Model (Rachael) : “I have the looks, the ‘vital statistics’ and a killer attitude to be one, experience, and looks to be a successful model. Although I have only had a brief stint in modeling, I am all set to work at random schedules and offbeat work-hours.

Interviewer( Francis)
Which skills do you have as a model?
Model (Rachael)
Learning agility and effective personal communication skills
Self Motivated and Determined
Success Oriented and Natural Leader
Intelligence and Self Confidence

Written by Francis Oboth

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