“Please forgive your wife” Tuff B tells Pastor Bugingo

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It has been two years down the road after breaking up with his cheating wife Mimi Semakula, TV personality and musician Robert Ssekidde alias Tuff B has on Friday 10th May come out openly to confess never to forgive his baby Mama.

It must be noted that its a common habit in relationships for women to forgive and give cheating men a chance at fidelity yet when women are caught in the act, most affairs end in divorce.

Basing on the NBS KURT show host’s narrative, it is crystal clear that he separated with his ex-wife and mother to his only son, Kylie because he was tired of cheating on him endlessly.

Through his social media Facebook page, Tuff has come out to open up about his feelings for his ex-wife Mimi Semakula.

“For a fact we cheat at times as men and we forgiven in most cases but why is it so hard to forgive a woman ?” Stated Tuff B.

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