Fresh Kid: Mother speaks out

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There is no doubt that seven-year-old Patrick Senyonjo a.k.a. Fresh Kid will impact Uganda’s entertainment scene in a big way. Well, depending on what happens, moving forward.

With four songs in three months, the child rapper sounds more talented than singers older than him. His freestyle raps and awkward responses during interviews have won him public interest.

With his famous response to tough questions being “buuza manager” literally meaning, ask my manager, it is now downtown slang. His songs are Banteeka, Bamuzeeyi Mukulu, Bambi and Taki Taki featuring 14K Bwongo, an upcoming youthful rapper, who is also Senyonjo’s songwriter.

Francis Oboth | Bahati News. Frank Ryme

L-R Madrine Mamata, manager Kamoga, PS Pius Bigirimana, Fresh Kid and Paul Mutabaazi

Not satisfied with this feedback, I hang around their stall as she goes about her work. When all is done, she serves her husband porridge and settles on a bench near me.

I ask: “How do you trust a manager to stay with your child?”

She replies in a very low tone, probably to lock her husband out of the conversation, given that she separated with Fresh Kid’s father years ago. Her children including Fresh Kid had been in Kawanda, but Mutabaazi ferried them back to Luweero. This is where Kamoga found Fresh Kid and started living with him. Namata said the manager has a wife and child at his home, who take care of her son.

“Whenever they are moving around Kivulu, Patu comes here briefly to check on me,” she says.

The only time Fresh Kid’s mother has interacted with Mutabaazi at length since their separation is when the minister of state for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, summoned them to her office in Kampala.

“I don’t have his contacts and I don’t want to know what he is up to. If it wasn’t for Patrick’s singing career, we wouldn’t have met anywhere today,” she adds.

This statement prompts her husband to interject: “Nyaboebintu by’omubuuza nga bingi. Ofaayo okukomya emboozi eyo?” (Do you mind ending this conversation, because you are asking too much?)

He signals that I leave and Namata tells me to contact the manager for clearance as she leaves me. I grab a boda boda out of Kivulu to the taxi stage. This boda boda rider who also knows the couple tells me, “Fresh Kid is now a star.”

Before, he would move around Kivulu village unattended to, but all this has since changed. He is always in the company of his manager, who drives a Toyota Wish.

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