Chameleone gets a bad night in Mbale

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Francis Oboth | Bahati News. Photo by Frank Ryme

Music doctor, Jose Chameleone had a bad night in Mbale last night. This after he met Kifeesi gang that made his night terrible.
Chameleone who had gone to perform at a show at Mbale Municipal Stadium did not know that things would turn bad.
He served his fans to the fullest with his new and old jams. At one time he requested security to let the fans to get close to the stage as the barricades were stopping him from interacting with them but his request was turned down.
Chameleone then decided to join the crowd and dance with them. Little did the Badilisha star know that Kifeesi was ready for him.On throwing himself on the crowd, his phone and other valuables were taken. Yes, Chameleone lost his brand new iPhone to the gang.
After his performance, on his way out, the singer realised that the phone was missing. Announcements were made in the middle of Cindy’s performance but no one came forward with the phone. Even prize money of 500,000shs cash was put up for grabs but the Kifeesi gang preferred the brand new iPhone.

Chameleone left the venue disappointed and cursing the Kifeesi boys. We hope gets a phone replacement soon.

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